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Providing Opportunity to the Brave & Talented
& Bringing a New Type of Beauty to Your Community

Montreal is one of the world’s prized centres for artistic innovation. It is made so by all variety of artists, from the city’s theatre companies to artisan bakeries, from experimental graphic designers to widely influential rock bands, from opera to our visual artists. The city has a chemistry and kinetic energy that we all contribute to. Innovations en concert is an essential aspect of this ecosystem.

Our role is to give talented composers and musicians support and a venue to explore the future of music, carving out new paths through chamber music. We provide a venue that is unique, a laboratory for experimentation and performance, and one of the world’s few meeting places for this community of brave explorers. Beside many other arts organizations, we help to make Montreal one of the world’s prized centers for artistic innovation. And we need your help.

A donation to Innovations en concert is a gift to Montreal, to Canada, and to lovers of fresh and stimulating music across the world. Your contribution brings unique concerts and events into your community, and opens the door to in-depth exploration and new ways of thinking internationally. Innovations en concert is a lean and effective arts organization, with every dollar directly helping these treasured compositions come to life. Please consider making a contribution to enable this exciting work.

We are a registered non-profit charitable organization, and issue tax-deductible receipts for all total annual contributions above $30.

Donate online via Canada Helps.

Or via cheque to
Innovations en concert, P.O Box 48023, Stn Bernard, Montreal (QC), H2V 4S8