our mission

Innovations en concert

Innovations en concert believes that it is the obligation of concert presenters to spark new social developments by giving power to artistic leaders, and by forming new and relevant connections within society at large. The social role of today’s performer is changing, and similarly the role of the presenter.  Performers, composers, and presenters alike must explore and develop these roles; this is the very material of their art, the clay in their hands.

Innovations en concert therefore hopes to contribute to the exploration of new horizons in chamber music, and to build connections between artistic practices that would otherwise remain isolated from one another. We see an artwork’s value as being unrelated to prestige; that is to say, a renowned composer working at an acclaimed research institute may produce something of cultural value, but not necessarily less value than a young unknown working in her tiny apartment – it is, rather, the adventurousness, freedom, and community spirit represented by an artistic practice which creates its value. The power of a presenter to effect positive social change lies in its ability to act on this ideal.

We believe that involvement in the artistic life of one’s community is no frivolity – it is a life-affirming, political force, and a social necessity.