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avec Matthias Maute

avec Matthias Maute

For this fifth podcast of our season, we sat down with Matthias Maute, composer and Artistic director of Ensemble Caprice, to discuss his compositional practice and his new piece “Noncerto Beaupré RR4” written for Jennifer Thiessen and Jean-Willy Kunz

Innovations en concert invites you to join us for the concert Histoires d’amour featuring Jennifer Thiessen (viola d’amore) and Jean-Willy Kunz (harpsichord/organ) this Thursday February 12th at the Centre de créativité Gesù. They’ll present works by Gavin Bryars, Arvo Pärt, Morton Feldman, Pierre-Yves Martel, Matthias Maute, and others.

The Innovations Zine is made possible with the generous support of the SOCAN Foundation.

Produced by Nicolas Hyatt and Isak Goldschneider
Recorded and edited by Nicolas Hyatt