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12 February 2015, 8pm
$20 regular, $10 students/seniors

Histoires d’amour

@ Le Gesù (amphithéâtre), 1202 Rue de Bleury, Montréal

Histoires d’amour

co-presented by the Groupe Le Vivier


As much as we might wish it to be purely abstract, music is the product of relationships. For Jennifer Thiessen (La La La Human Steps, Ensemble Caprice) and Jean-Willy Kunz (Organiste en résidence de l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal), this new project is a testament to the intimate aspects of both composition and interpretation –  a program that highlights the relationships between musicians and their instruments, between composers and performers, and between musicians themselves.

For Jennifer and Jean-Willy, performing contemporary music on ancient instruments has a personal, if not revolutionary significance – it is a bringing-together of two often-isolated environments of creative music-making. Thus, Morton Feldman‘s thoughtful composition, The Viola In My Life III, and Gavin Bryars‘ nostalgic The North Shore receive special treatment on baroque viola and harpsichord/organ instead of their original modern viola and piano.

When one has begun a relationship with the viola d’amore, it can only be described as a love affair – one that must be brought to life in the present moment. Short Stories for the Viola d’Amore have been written for Jennifer by colleagues and friends from all walks of musical life in Ottawa, and will be performed for the first time in this programme.

Hot off the press, Noncerto Beaupré RR4 for viola d’amore and harpsichord/organ was written for Jennifer and Jean-Willy by Matthias Maute, musician-composer and leader of Ensemble Caprice.

In the end, this special concert is a collection of love stories.


The Viola in My Life III – Morton Feldman (for viola and piano, adapted for baroque viola and harpsichord)

The North Shore – Gavin Briars (for viola and piano, adapted for baroque viola and organ)

Annum per Annum – Arvo Pärt (for organ)

Short Stories for Viola d’Amore solo* – Steven Gellman, Pierre-Yves Martel, Megan Jerome, Mike Essoudry, Jan Jarvlepp

Noncerto Beaupré RR4* – Matthias Maute (for viola d’amore and harpsichord/organs)

*Commission and world premiere