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avec Clemens Merkel

avec Clemens Merkel

To help prepare us for his concert this Thursday, Clemens Merkel has curated a playlist entitled “Three of my violin heroes”.


Playlist : “Three of my violin heroes”

1. Kala Ramnath: Raag Basant

I don’t know much about Indian music, but listening to it puts me in a specific state, which I like. Ramnath’s violin technique is so different from what we know, and we do: the playing of scordatura, the extremely refined phrasing and articulation… this is playing which fascinates me. Click here to listen

2. Jean Carignan: Reel du forgeron

Jean Carignan, is of course a Montreal fiddle hero. Someone not coming from the classical world, without much formal training. He is such a force of nature with his playing and I love to hear and see how he is completely absorbed by what he is doing. There is a rhythmic rigour which really goes right to the bones. Click here to listen

3. David Oistrakh: Mozart – Violin Concerto No.3 

David Oisktrakh is my hero in the classical sector. Artistically, aesthetically, vioinistically he is who I like the most. It’s just beautiful, beautiful playing. Without compromise. Just beautiful. Click here to listen 

Find out more about the Thursday September 29 concert Clemens Merkel : Caprices.

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