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avec Andrea Young

Insatisfecha (excerpt) listen on SoundCloud

Andrea, why do you make your music?

Ya, that’s a good question.  I suppose I make music, but I’m not actually sure “musician” is the best description for me.  I find my roles are a bit different than a traditional musician — that I see myself combining the roles of a performer, a composer, a collector, a producer.

Everyday I question the value of music.  What keeps me interested is based on how I see life.  I believe that our experience of life can be approached from multiple perspectives — that we’re frequently surrounded by open-ended questions.  Art has a way of exploring, questioning or criticizing our environment.  And I feel that music helps people stop, and re-experience life or a moment, with a different meaning or perspective.  Offering these opportunities to explore different meanings or perspectives enriches our experience of life, and that’s where I’m finding the most value.

– Emrys Miller for Innovations en concert, September 5, Victoria, BC

attend Andrea Young’s concert (with Expanding Hobo Cult Band and Hans-Joachim Roedelius) at Innovations en concert, Fri, 30 Sept 2011
attend Andrea Young’s lecture
at Innovations en concert, Tues, 27 Sept 2011