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19 November 2023, 8 pm (doors 7:30 pm)
$13.50 in advance, $20 at door


@ La Sala Rossa, 4848 boul. St-Laurent, Montréal

It was long been debated whether mathematical thinking is a human invention, an attempt to understand nature, or nature’s way of manifesting itself to humans. Regardless, composer Mirko Sablich finds absolute beauty in patterns in numbers. Whether they are sequences, formulas, groups, graphs, or theorems  – they are all fertile ground for his creative imagination. In fact, anything that can be translated into a mathematical and numerical idea can be used (text, drawings, field recordings, colours). Using simple and imaginative ways to play with them, he creates, modifies, extends and ultimately maps mathematics onto possible scripts, graphics, and open scores.

This is what Uno is: a mosaic of short musical works from realized patterns of numbers. Each pattern develops its own set of possible rules, exceptions and ways of rendering sound. Over a period of several months Sablich has worked two great collaborators: pianist Pam Reimer and vocalist Andrea Young, creating a fascinating creative symbiosis.

In the composer’s own words: “ When I find, create, modify and play with patterns of numbers – I imagine many sound incarnations, making me create several scripts for sound realization at each casual reading – dreaming of works. While collaborating with Andrea and Pam many options came out and many too were put aside for this time. But together we pushed the boundaries of what the scripts yielded. Periods of deep thinking and playfulness followed our dynamic meetings. The patterns and the creative meetings directed my imagination and finalized the scripts. Fortunately for my creative imagination and for my collaborators; numbers are infinite and so are the possibilities for realization in sound and other mediums such as film, literature and poetry, dance, theatre, painting, drawing and digital arts. I hope to hear a version of nature’s abstract patterns and ways of operation in these works – but if not, perhaps then these patterns are after all a human invention. This ambiguity and interplay of thought characterizes Uno.


A co-presentation with Casa Del Popolo Presents SODEC Series

We would like to thank the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the SOCAN Foundation and the SODEC for their support.

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