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24 May 2015, 8pm
$15 regular, $10 students/seniors/artists

Ensemble Partiel interprète Stimmung

@ La Vitrola, 4602 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal

Ensemble Partiel interprète Stimmung


Composed by Karlheinz Stockhausen and premiered in 1969, Stimmung is written for 6 voices using overtone singing – it’s considered to be the first systematic use of overtone singing within a work of Western classical music.

Inspired by architectural visions from his journeys among Meso-American ruins in Mexico, Stimmung proceeds though 51 movements like a 1960s modern exploration of incantation, drones, intonation and timbre; it reflects on humans tuning into magic and ritual, nature, globalisation of culture, and the sexual revolution. Stockhausen distils the spirit of neo-pagan late 60s and brings this into the classical music world. The piece is playful, openly erotic and filled with the composer’s cleverness, wit, and inside jokes. The singers move through the movements of the piece according guidelines that allow the performers to arrange their own sequence of the 51 moments (models); and this performance features a new and original arrangement of the different sections of this piece, never before performed.

A rare and not to be missed event!

Ensemble Partiel:
Soprano: Sarah Albu
Soprano II: Aya Aikawa
Alto: Dina Cindric
Tenor: Olivier Borzeix
Baritone: Rémy Bélanger de Beauport
Bass: Will Eizlini

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