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20 May 2023, 20h


@ Salle multimédia du Conservatoire, 4750 Avenue Henri-Julien


A concert of contemporary solo piano works performed by Isak Goldschneider, with video by multidisciplinary artist Elysha Poirier, exploring the interplay of levels of perception of the natural world, of its organizing principles, and of its human results.


– Anne Southam: Simple Lines of Enquiry, III

– John Adams: China Gates

– Linda Catlin Smith: The Underfolding

– Anne Southam: Simple Lines of Enquiry, VI

– Morton Feldman: Palais de Mari

Accompanied by Elysha Poirier rich signature style of abstraction, these serene, evocative works outline a discourse transcending words. Anne Southam’s Simple Lines of Enquiry acts as a Greek chorus for the concert’s interpretations, John Adam’s China Gates explores natural phenomena,  Linda Catlin Smith’s The Underfolding leads the viewer through a spiritual labyrinth, and Morton Feldman’s Palais de Mari invokes the ruins of human culture.

“Music is essentially built upon primitive memory structures”, wrote Feldman. In this concert links between history, memory and nature bond with Elysha Poirier’s visual language to create an archeology of the future.


We would like to thank the the Canada Council for the Arts for their support.

We would like to thank the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conseil des arts de Montréal and the SOCAN Foundation for their support.

Image: Elysha Poirier

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