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15 Feb 2014, 8pm
$20 regular, $12 students/seniors/artists

Shawn Mativetsky et Xenia Pestova présentent « terre/ground »

@ Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, 100, rue Sherbrooke E, Montréal.

Shawn Mativetsky et Xenia Pestova présentent                           « terre/ground »

co-presented by Studio Naada Yoga

Tickets available here. 


In their duo’s inaugural concert, Shawn Mativetsky (tabla) and Xenia Pestova (keyboards) will create an intimate, embodied experience, deeply influenced by the warmth and intimacy of Indian music. Their performance includes commissioned work, improvisations, and traditional music, and brings a fascinating duality to the stage as two different sound worlds, idioms, and traditions meet. 

“We have something in common, in that we don’t fit into boxes. People like to put each other into boxes, and I think both of us don’t really fit. We don’t go into this square hole, as it were. This collaboration kind of draws on that.” – Xenia Pestova


The Migration of Their Materials* – Tina Pearson

Tabla Solo in Teentaal – Traditional, arr. Shawn Mativetsky

Three Liturgies** – Carlos D. Perales

terre* – Shawn Mativetsky and Xenia Pestova 

Something to Say* – Tawnie Olson

Gothic** – Ed Bennett

Sonata in D minor K10 – Domenico Scarlatti

Étude d’après Scarlatti** – Patricia Alessandrini

Metal Jacket – Nicole Lizée


World premiere

** Canadian premiere